Wednesday, February 25, 2015

starting with the first assigned article was "Blue-collar brilliance" by Mike Rose tells about his struggles as a child, and what he saw his parents go through at lower-middle class. Back then in the 50's there was a time were the American dream flourished in their lifetime. By his family owning their own restaurant. This story explains in first person the hardships he experienced. Through the eyes of someone personally. Throughout this story he goes through the idea that Certain jobs require workers to make, check and verify calculations, and to collect and interpret data. The blue collar is worker, for most people that don't know is the working class, blue indicting the "dirt" on their shirt. In the blue-collar workplace, directions, plans, and reference books rely on illustrations, some representational and others, like blueprints, that require training to interpret. The second article is "Why the Rich are getting richer and the Poor, Poorer." by Robert Reich. I would have to agree with Reich. When he says " national borders no longer deine our economic fates. We are now in different boats, one sinking rapidly, one sinking more slowly, and the third rising steadily." We in all that means the Government as we know it has gone to complete garbage. We have no money for anything, they can't even supply the states with reinforcements in anything. Slowly the middle class is disappearing. With no money the states cant get money for educational uses. So the richer schools get nicer things while the poorer schools don't. One reason those schools don't make high SAT scores to prepare them for college which they will fail at. Then are blamed for our country's poverty and high crime rate problems. The prices of standard living is going up while wages are falling to almost minimum. When it comes to American losing jobs to foreign natives people get upset. Which i honestly don't understand why, because they do the jobs no one wants to do anyway. and i dont know how i am going to finish this.


  1. In “Blue-Collar Brilliance” the author, Mike Rose talks about studying the psychology of how the brain functions. He discusses his experiences as a child, remembering how his mother and his Uncle Joe worked. He described how his mother, working as a waitress in a restaurant, managed to learn, remember and pay attention to everything that was in her surroundings. For example, within the time, and mistakes she made throughout her years there, she had so much experience in it that she always knew what was going on. She knew the time the food was going to be ready, approximately what time the customers will finish eating and about how long it would take for customers to be ready to order. And so the same thing happened when he observed how his uncle worked, he also had to make a few mistakes in order to learn and become a supervisor at his job. In the other hand, in the article “Why the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer” by Robert Reich mentions a lot about how there is a lot of competition within the field of jobs. Reich explains how the economy is sinking rapidly which makes people with less and less salaries and with no salaries means no benefits what’s so ever. He also explains why he believes the rich are getting richer while the poor will never get out of the misery. Reich gave several examples to back up his argument like studies and credible data to back up his argument.

  2. In "Blue Collar Brilliance", by Mike Rose, he uses his personal experiences and observations to convey his feelings about blue-collar workers. Rose explains that blue-collared workers should be praised for their work, just as much as white-collar workers should, due to the skill, and intelligence required for many of the jobs. Rose uses the example of his mother and uncle to show his audience exactly what he means by this, and tells us that no matter what jobs they had they were always on top of their game, and using their intelligence to make the best outcomes for themselves, and get their work done more efficiently. In “Why the Rich are Getting Richer, and the Poor Poorer”, by Robert Reich, he argues that the competition for blue-collared jobs is increasing, leaving people to become more competitive to attain these jobs, and leaving the people that don’t get these jobs searching for other work. He explains that during the 80’s and 90’s, many companies discovered that they could get away with paying people in different countries less money to get the same job done, leaving the men and women who would usually perform these jobs, jobless. While this competition is rearing its head, there are more openings for white-collar jobs, leaving higher success rates for those individuals seeking a white-collar job. Although I’m not sure which reading I would use as a source, I think I could pull a lot more out of Rose’s piece, and use his personal experience as a good guideline.