Wednesday, April 8, 2015

a more perfect union

There were some technical difficulties with the podcast of Ally's choice. So I decided to right my blog about the Barack Obama reading of " A More Perfect Union". Obama uses his emotion, personal experiences and language to describe a more perfect union with race. He uses his own race of being half black and half white as a great example to show diversity in this country. Obama faced adversity along the way from childhood to his presidency. He says that during his campaign that even race was an issue. commentators saying he wasn't "black enough", or "too black". Obama uses his emotion and personal experiences to become the man and president he is today, explaining the struggles he had as a child and the racism he saw and experienced. He continues to use language by explaining what makes us a perfect union is unity behind each other for terrorist attacks, a falling economy, health crisis, and problems that are either black, white, Latino, and Asian.  Obama continues to explain how these people who  surround him make him who he is today. The diversity of America in his eyes is something that people of all races can influence or change your life. Sorry for the inconvenience, tracs wouldn't let me open the podcast.


  1. What I liked about “A more perfect Union” by Barack Obama was that he talked about himself and some of the difficulties he has gone through. It shows how he understands where some people come from and how difficult it can be being a certain color, race etc. Him being a president shows how credible he is and even during the campaign he still went through some difficulties. What I also like about this is that a lot of people can relate. Even if you are high class, filthy reach, you can still experience racism and all that bad stuff. And even if you do not have much and you think you are being treated different because of your skin color, now you know it happens all around the world. This story should be something we learn from and how even the president gets discriminated. That shows how bad this society is and how we do not respect each other because of our skin color. He also says the same thing, on how the diversity going on right now should be something we learn from and something we can help each other with. Which was also something that I liked, he included us, and how we can change it to something better.

  2. Being the presidents of the United States it must of have been really nerve racking to write a book since he is the president. However, being criticize did not stop the president from writing his two books and express what he was feeling. What I really like was how Obama was able to tell us his personal experience by him not by another person. He uses his emotion on how he explains that his white grandmother raised him and how sometimes she was uncomfortable with the black people. He went to the best schools but still lived in the poor places. However, he still has racial issues since he was a young man until he was a candidate for the presidency spot and I believe that he still does. One of his main points was that he was trying to convey that the United States should be a join and together Union. We should help each other because that would be the best for the union. He proposes solution to fix America even if it was going the opposite of the pastor he respected. He believe that that fathers should be more fathers and spend time with their children. In his book, you can see that Obama has the best interest to become a better country. The Ally Choice is about racial issues. These people are proud to be a black person at least Clarice. This girl wants to be white even though she is black. Well at least she wants to be label as a white person even though it may harm his sister or make her look like crazy. She did not look black, her color was light skin. In that city where they live, they were racist and even consider her black. She explains her story fighting against racism in school. However, even though ally choice cause her to become another person and hurt her sister. Going through that experience, which made her emotion stronger. She is very positive on her decision because that made her feel better in life.