Monday, April 6, 2015

Perks of being a college kid

1) When people ask "So what are you doing with your life?" I can respond "I'm in college."
2) People assume I am more educated.
3)I can get better jobs in the future
4) I am viewed as independent
5) I am viewed as more social i.e. networking and meeting various amounts of new people.
6) Learning to be more responsible.
7)I have to be more responsible.
8) Learning life lessons first hand.
9)Free t-shirts!!!
10) Being a role model to younger siblings.
11) Higher ranking jobs.
12) Easier access to jobs.
13)You can potential meet your significant other, also known as "Bae".
14)College Discounts!
15) I am able to receive education no matter my financial status. Ex: Scholarships and Grants and even loans.


  1. Perks of being Male.
    1) Physically stronger
    2) Looked at with respect
    3) Don't have to be worried about sexual assault
    4) Society caters to male gender
    5) Better chance of getting a job
    6) Build muscle faster
    7) Don't have to give birth
    8) Viewed as the "bread-winner"
    9) entertainment is targeting mens interests
    10) viewed as more capable
    11) Less judgment of my choices
    12) Easier to be independent
    13) Less emotional
    14) Viewed as protector/leader in crisis and everyday life
    15) less complicated social structure

  2. My perks of being a Woman:
    1) I have motherly instincts or I'm caring
    2) Women get put before men in danger
    3) I'm able to create a new life
    4) Less women are incarcerated
    5) I can show emotion more openly
    6) Men do the "harder" work for me
    7) I'm more respectable
    8) Publicly seen as innocent
    9) I get to freely change my style with less judgement
    10) Men cater to me
    11) I have a higher life expectancy
    12) Women get more things free or cheaper
    13) I can easily alter my physical appearance
    14) Its easier to communicate with women
    15) I am likelier to finish college earlier than the average male

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  4. 15 benefits of being a woman:
    1. Not expected to do manual labor
    2. Not expected to be physically strong
    3. It's acceptable to be emotional
    4. Ability to bear my own children
    5. Men buy drinks for women in the club
    6. Expected to love shopping
    7. Not the one to propose
    8. Always the recipient of gifts from bf
    9. The man pays for our first couple of dates
    10. Wide variety of clothing
    11. Able to feed my own children
    12. More likely to remember where I put my keys
    13. Multiple orgasms
    14. Wide variety of hair styles
    15. Don't bald

  5. In her essay about white privilege, Peggy McIntosh discusses what she terms the “myth of meritocracy” and conferred dominance that is inherent in our culture. It is typically reiterated within the culture of the United States that only those who have been formally educated can achieve status. One advantage group of dominance that I fit into on our chart of Intersectional Identity is that of an educated person. Up to this point have completed some college which based on United States culture, allows me to enjoy some of degree of what Peggy McIntosh has called, “unearned entitlement.” People who are in college or have earned a degree enjoy the following privileges that those who have not, do not:
    1. Free stuff (T-shirts, food)
    2. Discounts (events, restaurants, etc.)
    3. Better job opportunities
    4. More likely to get hired
    5. Free Networking opportunities
    6. More $$
    7. Job Titles
    8. Breaks in the summer and on holidays
    9. Freedom to be selfish (stay up late, live on your own, etc.)
    10. Lifelong friendships with people who shared similar experiences to you
    11. Assumed intelligence by others (who have not gone to college, family friends, etc.)
    12. Education for better life choices (breast feeding, raising kids, health habits)
    13. Exploration of careers
    14. People are more inclined to help you
    15. No matter how bad I mess up, other will deem my mistakes as part of a learning experience because they believe I will get a degree and make something out of myself