Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Benefits of being white
1. Can go shopping alone anywhere without being watched at all times
2. I can look at any form of media and most likely see members of my own race represented
3. My voice will most likely be heard in a group discussion even if im the only representative for my race
4. My skin color never hurts the appearence of my financial credibility
5. I am never asked to speak on the behalf of my entire race
6. I can take a job without worrying others think i only got it because of my skin color
7. I am not singled out for traffic stops because of race
8. Can dress however i want without people attributing it to my morals
9. I can be well spoken without anyone being suprised
10. Not likely to be labled a terrorist
11. Can fit into almost any group or organization simply by being white
12. What i do personally dosent reflect back on my race as a whole
13. Can go an entire day without thinking of race as an issue
14. Can automatically have the respect of a complete stranger because of me being white
15. I am usually seen as smart because of my skin color and because my speech patterns likely matches theirs.

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