Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Benefits of Being a Woman

  1. My life expectancy is longer
  2. I generally have a higher threshold for pain
  3. I am more likely to graduate 
  4. There is less of a stigma if I choose to stray from my gender norms
  5. I can breast feed
  6. My body is capable of creating new life
  7. I have the choice of abortion
  8. People are more likely to help me out when I am in need
  9. If I become divorced, I will most likely get custody (If I am deemed fit)
  10. I will face less of a stigma from being a stay at home mom, than men will
  11. I can wear men's clothing with less judgment 
  12. If there is ever an environmental disaster, I am more likely to be evacuated first
  13. I can actively show my emotions without fear of being judged
  14. I am less likely to be seen as a threat
  15. My chances of suffering a work-related injury are remarkably lower


  1. 15 Privileges That I Receive from Being Straight:
    1. I can expect to find people of the sexual orientation that I identify with at any location I go to.
    2. I can speak freely about my sexual orientation in public without fear of either judgement or of being viewed as abnormal.
    3. I can view any type of media and find those of my sexual orientation well represented.
    4. When I view the history of my culture, I will find representations of my sexual orientation.
    5. I can ask for service anywhere without fear of being refused by my sexual orientation.
    6. I can maintain my religious beliefs without having to question them.
    7. In a position of authority, I can expect people to respect me due to my sexual orientation.
    8. I can easily listen to music that represents my sexual orientation.
    9. I will not lose familial relationships due to my sexual orientation.
    10. If I wanted to get a drink with friends or mingle with people of my sexual orientation, I will not have to go to a specialized bar or club.
    11. I can move to any state/location in the world without fear of being persecuted for my sexual orientation.
    12. I can criticize relation and popular culture without being viewed spiteful due to my sexual orientation.
    13. I can marry and have all the legal benefits granted by that marriage in any state in the US.
    14. I can raise children without society viewing me raising that child as harmful or damaging to the child’s development due to my sexual orientation.
    15. I do not have to worry about people supposing/imposing my gender identity or confusing gender roles with my sexual orientation. (People, being that I am a straight male, will assume that I identify as a guy, though with queer individuals, people may assume that one is feminine or identify as a woman or some variation).

  2. 15 Benefits of Being a Man:
    1.I don't need help with some physical tasks
    2.Being a man is proven to be cheaper overall
    3.I can pee anywhere
    4.I can take my shirt off while working out
    5. The more sexual partners, the better
    6.Bathroom lines are shorter
    7. I don't have to shave my legs
    8.I get more pay for the same job
    9.No menstrual cycle
    10. People are less judging
    11. Im not afraid of walking alone at night
    12. I can be President
    13.Shower takes 5 minutes or less
    14.I get to keep my last name
    15.I don't have to wear uncomfortable clothes to flatter my body

  3. If I had to choose of the advantages I have as an individual in the United States is that I am a women. I’m probably just going to list the advantages too. First, being a woman gives you the advantages to get custody of my child even if the dad is a better parent. Second, I get the advantages to get in line first. Third, do not have to work in the nasty dirty jobs. Fourth, if the man is violent in any way I can sue him and most likely win the court case. Fifth, we are treated with more respect. Sixth, we can have the children. Seventh, have the advantage to feel the baby experience inside our bodies and breast-feed them too. Eighth, in some jobs the women have the advantages to be employed instead of a male like a secretary or hairstylist. Ninth, the smile of a female is better taken that a smile of a male. Tenth, we as women can express our feeling more freely than man. Eleventh, we can pretend to be more as the victims and be believed. Twelve, allowed us to get into events fist and in a cheaper price. Thirteen, women are treated better in most of the places. Fourteen, I can be home and not work and that is not seen as bad. Fifteen, if I need help its more likely to get help by any person. Being a woman can have its con and pros, but it’s okay I like being a women.