Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perks of Being a Christian

1. I can exoect to have holidays pertaining to my religion.
2. There are organizations that are centered exclusively around my beliefs. Ex. YMCA
3. I can be employed solely on what I believe in.
4. I can have a prosperous business because I endorse my own beliefs.
5. If I choose to I can go to a school that is centered around my personal faith.
6. I am never suspected of violent activities; I am assumed to always be innocent.
7. Any school that I go to will more than likely offer a theology class that is centered exclusively around my faith.
8. I can worship publicly without being afraid of being attacked
9. There is music and TV programs readily available pertaining to my faith.
10. If I am in a large croud I can safely assume the majority of the people around me share the same faith as me.
11. I am free to worship as I please.
12. If I am in court, I can choose to swear on the Bible before I have to speak.
13. I don't have to be worried about the possibility of a christian church not being constructed because it is a christian church.
14. I have lobbyists that specifically fight for political advance of my faith.
15. There are politicians that share my same faith and will vote for it's advancement in the law. 

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  1. Perks of Being Fit/Slender (Size)
    1. Other do not doubt my athletic abilities.
    2. My meal choices are not questioned.
    3. Can ride any rollercoaster I wish.
    4. Don't to worry about water slides either.
    5. I can ride an adult horse of any size.
    6. Clothes that fit well are relatively easy to find.
    7. People that look like me are widely represented in the media.
    8. More job opportunities.
    9. Less likely to be rejected in a romantic context due to my weight and the appearance thereof.
    10. My morals are not brought into question due to a perception of bad habits.
    11. Usually never picked last when choosing teams for sports.
    12. Society depicts my body type as ideal and encourages others to conform to or "strive" for it.
    13. No perceived lack of competency due to my size when to comes to work.
    14. No lasting feelings of guilt, as a result of cultural expectations, after eating unhealthy food.
    15. I'm not on the butt end of insensitive jokes/remarks.