Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Author portrayl

Due to the technical difficulties I was not able to listen to the audio clip because tracs said it had no data in the file. But on the other hand The speech, by President of the United States of America Barack Obama, was an interesting one. He was able to make himself seem more credible on the situation of race by interpreting his own race of being half black and half white. Even though he is mixed both white and black, he still identifies primarily in his black side. He is able to make himself seem more wise on the situation by the language he uses that he got from his upper level education. in his writing he is able to make himself also be more likable because of the authority he writes with. He states things of fact with conviction and people like that in a leader. all in all Barack Obama is able to accomplish all of the things in his writing by using emotion and language that is still educated but still english for everybody to understand. Again I am sorry I was not able to write on the podcast.


  1. When I read President Obamas essay “A More Perfect Union” I was amazed by how he catches my full attention with everything that he said. He talked about how even though he is half black and half white he identifies himself as full black. Obama uses and shares his and others, personal experiences about race to show how diversity exist between whites and every other race. He also uses emotion to try to describe a more perfect union and how the people that surround him from when he was a child helped him become the man he is today. Now I also had a lot of difficulties trying to hear the podcast of Ally’s Choice. But I did see the link someone posted earlier and heard a story that I believe could have been Ally’s Choice, this story really touched my heart when I heard it because it hurt and may have broken the whole family apart. Ally decided to become white after she kept being bullied for identifying herself as a Negro in middle school. When she entered high school her life changed completely when she started identifying herself as white and she loved it, she was well liked and nobody bullied her, but her sister was still being bullied for being a Negro by Ally’s friends and wouldn’t do anything about it. Ally was a real disappointment to her mother and sister during that time but they still loved her unconditionally. After marrying a white guy and having two kids, Ally was faced with time coming back and biting Ally in the ass.

  2. While reading President Obama’s essay "A More Perfect Union", I could tell how passionate and determined he was to speak about the issues of racism. He addresses the pastor’s controversy and reflects on his own experience while growing up as a young black male whose been insulted and mistreated by many people. He urges us to put aside racism for our own good so that the upcoming generation won’t be affected. Obama uses emotion to help tie in his point on what a perfect union should feel and be like. On the other hand, the radiolab podcast on “Ally’s Choice” was not working but I was able to search up what it was about on Google. Basically Ally’s family is having a difficult time on whether or not they are black or white. Why is this girl ashamed of being black? Everyone should embrace their skin tone no matter what. The more she feels embarrassed the more she is letting her weakness overcome her natural beauty.