Monday, April 6, 2015

Benefits of being Slender/healthy

1. I am judged less on appearance
2. I can physically walk to class without difficulty
3. Form fitting clothes are seen as appropriate for slender people
4. I can work out without people staring
5. Eating a lot is not seen as "gross" or disgusting" etc.
6. Swim wear can be worn without it being inappropriate
7. It's easier to blend in with a crowd
8. Easier to fit into cars, chairs, things that are tightly spaced
9. Easier to find clothes in my size
10. I can walk and be on my feet longer without feeling fatigued
11. My heart is healthier
12. People don't feel sorry for me in certain situations
13. I am allowed to be lazy because it doesn't look gross when I lay down and watch TV all day
14. It's fine if I want to take photos because i'm thin
15. Exposing skin is seen as okay because i'm slender


  1. Perks of being a girl:
    1. Respected
    2. Don’t have to ask the guy on a date
    3. Don’t have to ask the guy to be my bf
    4. Get to have kids
    5. Seen as a responsible young lady
    6. Respected by elders
    7. Don’t see me as a “bad girl”
    8. Maternity leave
    9. Can get out of bad situations (such as getting arrested)
    10. Guys will pay for your food
    11. Can get drunk and not seen as a %$#&%
    12. Never expected to do manly work
    13. Awesome outfits
    14. We have makeup
    15. We live longer

  2. Perks for being a college student:
    1. People believe I am more educated
    2. High paying jobs will be more accessible
    3. College discounts
    4. Seen as an independent person
    5. You are given many networking opportunities
    6. Smart saving skills are learned
    7. Opportunities for internships are given
    8. Responsibility is learned
    9. Many social events have college nights
    10. Given the perception that you have your life on the right track
    11. Can be considered as a role model to friends and family
    12. Can go to school with the help of loans, grants, and scholarships
    13. Jobs right out of school are possible
    14. You get to learn/pursue the subject you are passionate about
    15. You meet lifelong friends

  3. Benefits of being in a wealthier socioeconomic class:
    1. Don't have to take out loans for college
    2. Parents pay for my car & insurance
    3. Shopping for clothes is more frequent
    4. Can join extra organizations in college
    5. Can afford to eat out whenever
    6. Raised in a wealthy neighborhood
    7. Always have the latest technology
    8. Vacations are not out of the ordinary
    9. Can go to greater links to live a fit lifestyle
    10. Having a job isn't a necessity quite yet
    11. More respect from people on a daily basis
    12. Higher expectations from people
    13. Able to always have a presentable appearance
    14. Able to be on the giving side of charity rather than receiving
    15. More opportunities to experience things in the world