Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Benefits of being cisgender

1. I feel comfortable in the body that I was born and like the gender that I am.
2. I don't have to feel trapped in my own body like many Transgender people do.
3. There are many people who are cisgender as well, so I am not alone and can find other people who feel this way as well.
4. I don't have to search for any kind of approval from other people
5. I don't have to take hormones to deepen my voice or grow facial hair.
6. I don't have to bind my chest, putting a sports bra on is painful enough.
7. I don't have to worry about affording the expensive top surgeries and bottom surgeries, since I have the parts that I want already.
8. I know what bathroom I can use in public without offending anyone.
9. I don't feel as though I am disappointing my parents, although I know if the roles were reversed, they would still be proud of me.
10. I can fight for transgender people to feel like society accepts them, because I think they should be accepted just like cisgender folks are.
11. I can dress comfortably in the style of clothing that I prefer.
12. I don't have to start off a date by telling the other person that I was once a female and am now a male.
13. I don't have to change my name since I won't be changing my gender, though my name can work for male or female.
14. I worry less about how I come off to people, girly or tomboy-like, because I know I'm a girl and I love being a girl.
15. I love the person that I am, and do not have any want to change it.

(I don't mean these benefits to come off as offensive towards transgender people. I love that people are fighting to feel comfortable with who they are, even if they were born in the wrong bodies. If I had a child who felt this way, I would support them wholeheartedly because I never want to see someone suffer and hate their life because they don't like the gender they were given.)

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