Monday, April 6, 2015

Benefits ff Being a Bro

Benefits of being a man:
1. Ads and movies pointed towards us
2. Paid more for doing the same job as a woman
3. Not constantly changing body to appeal to the opposite sex
4. Better job opportunities
5. Stronger than women
6. Less pressure from society to be skinny and fit
7. Not considered old until 50ish
8. Never considered a "slut"
9. Not expected to wear different clothes every day
10. Not expected to be good with kids
11. Not expected to learn how to cook
12. Not expected to be super clean
13. Doesn't have to spend money on make up/perfumes
14. Not expected to want a family
15. Not responsible as much for a baby during certain situations


  1. After reading Peggy McIntosh's article, "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" I reflected on my advantages, more specifically my benefits of being straight:
    1. Seeing people of my orientation as the main characters in most movies and ads
    2. Not thinking twice about posting a picture with my significant other in fear of backlash
    3. Not being made fun of in school for being different than the norm
    4. Young kids look up to my relationships, not criticize them (“relationship goals”)
    5. Won’t be denied service because who I walk in with
    6. Can see my boyfriend/husband if he is in the hospital
    7. Share health/insurance policies with my spouse
    8. Can gain assets if my husband passes away
    9. Can show PDA without fear of judgement or harassment
    10. Can expect to be around people of my same sexual orientation most of the time
    11. Me and my partner are able to have a child that is genetically and in every way ours
    12. Legally marry the person I love, no questions asked
    13. Not feel unwanted when stepping into most religious buildings
    14. Not having to worry if me, my (future) children, or my family will lose friends as a result of my sexuality
    15. Do not have to “come out” and face the possibility of being shunned by family or friends

  2. After the readings, I decided to reflect on the advantage of being a college student.
    1. I am more respected than a person who might gave just a high school diploma.
    2. I have a better opportunity of getting a higher paying job as someone who is not in college.
    3. I have a wider range of knowledge than non college kids.
    4. I am able to meet and connect with people from across the world.
    5. I am learning to be more responsible.
    6. I am learning how to manage my time better.
    7. I am learning how to live away from mommy and daddy.
    8. I am away from what people call "high school drama"
    9. I have afternoon classes so I can sleep in.
    10. I am able to get into football games for free.
    11. I am able to meet more women than I did in high school.
    12. I get discounts everywhere I eat and most places I shop.
    13. I am living a more healthy and active life.
    14. free gym membership.
    15. I'm getting an education and skills that will last a lifetime and that will benefit me for the future.