Thursday, April 9, 2015

Author's Self-portrayal

Before even reading “A More Perfect Union”, whether you like Obama or not, knowing that he is the President automatically gives him a huge sense of credibility; but from there it is up to him to prove exactly how credible. I’m not a huge fan of Obama and to be honest I have never seen him as a good fit for President, but after reading this text my opinions changed. That does not mean I absolutely love Obama now but I have definitely gained some respect and realized how knowledgeable he actually is. So other than Obama being president, the manor in which he talks about America really helps to show how credible of a person he is. He presents his ideas in a way that makes you feel as if our union is very simplistic and together, which it most definitely is not. But because he gives off this vibe, the information he states sounds better to the people and he seems very knowledgeable. Also, Obama’s text proves that not only is he likeable but so are his beliefs. Now as for the speaker of “Ally’s Choice”, she comes off in a very unprofessional manor. I will admit she tells a great story and I found it interesting for the most part but I feel as if it could have been presented in a much better way. The speaker makes light at some points throughout the podcast and I don’t think it makes her seem very trustworthy. I understand having to keep your listeners engaged throughout the audio but there are definitely other ways. I also feel as if she isn’t very knowledgeable. Because of the criticism she uses it leads me to believe she doesn’t know a whole lot of the matter so she tries to make the opposing viewpoint look worse. If the speaker would have taken a more neutral standpoint, I think that she would be viewed in a much more credible way.  

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