Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Benefits of being young

1. young people live with their parents
2. young people receive money from family members (graduation, birthday, ect.)
3. young people have less responsiblities
4. young people can choose how they want to live your life
5. young people have more advanced technology
6. young people feel the tendency to do whatever they want
7. young people learn from those around them
8. young people have more educational opportunites
9. young people are much more healthy and active
10. young people are motivated to get things done
11. college = freedom for us
12. young people can get away with things
13. young people are motivated to be sucessful
14. young people face less complicated problems
15. young people are more athletic


  1. In Peggy McIntosh's "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" she lists 26 ways that being white privilege benefits her. These are 15 reasons why being a woman benefits me.
    1.) I receive paid maternity leave.
    2.) My life expectancy is longer.
    3.) I don't have anything annoyingly hanging between my legs.
    4.) I get to have babies/have the ability to.
    5.) I don't have to go to the bathroom alone.
    6.) People are more respectful towards me.
    7.) People are less suspicious of me in public.
    8.) "Woman and children to the front" ... most likely will survive.
    9.) I do not have to propose to my boyfriend.
    10.) I don't have to pay on dates (unless he's an ass).
    11.) I hold the choice of abortion if i wanted to do so (it's up to me, not the guy).
    12.) If there's a custody battle the mother almost always wins.
    13.) Usually men give up their seat for me on the bus.
    14.) My parents are less hard on me than they are on my brother.
    15.) Police enforcement are usually less strict with women.

  2. Benefits of being Straight:
    1. Immediate access to your loved one in case of accident or emergency.
    2. Expressing affection in most social situations and not expecting hostile or violent reactions from others.
    3. Living with your partner and doing so openly.
    4. Receiving social acceptance by neighbors, colleagues, and good friends.
    5. Learning about romance and relationships from fiction movies and television.
    6. Having role models of your gender and sexual orientation.
    7. Easily finding a neighborhood in which residents will accept how you have constituted your household.
    8. Raise, adopt, and teach children without people believing that you will molest them or force them into your sexuality.
    9. Sharing health, auto and homeowners’ insurance policies at reduced rates.
    10. Acting, dressing, or talking as you choose without it being a reflection on people of your sexuality.
    11. Property laws, filing joint tax returns, inheriting from your spouse automatically under probate laws.
    12. Going wherever you wish and know that you will not be harassed, beaten, or killed because of your sexuality.
    13. Legal marriage to the person you love.
    14. Belonging to the religious denomination of your choice and know that your sexuality will not be denounced by its religious leaders.
    15. Knowing that you will not be fired from a job or denied a promotion based on your sexuality.

  3. perks of being a man:
    1. more dominate species
    2. shorter restroom lines
    3. more muscular/ athletic
    4. during sex, climaxing is easier than a womans.
    5. paid more at the same job than a woman.
    6. no giving birth
    7. not bothered as easy
    8. judgment free zone
    9. not expected to do well at anything
    10. more respected
    11. cheaper than women
    12. don't care as much to look good
    13. not moody once a month
    14. less worrying about our weight
    15. more opportunities than women

  4. Perks of being able-bodied:
    1- I can walk and get around without help
    2-i can choose where i go
    3- i can play sports
    4-i can roughhouse with children
    5- i can take my dog for a run
    6- i can fix and build parts of my home
    7- i can walk around my house to clean or cook or dance
    8- i can pursue my dream of farming
    9- ican hike & bike
    10- i can train animals (one of my hobbies)
    11- i don't need to consider if where i am going has ramps, offers brail menus, etc.
    12- i don't need to worry about pity offerings and have more self confidence
    13- if i get fed up with my lifestyle and the people around me i can just go, leave, without depending on anyone.
    14- i have more chance of getting a job
    15- i can hold my own in a fight, less vulnerable.

  5. Benefits of being a woman
    1. Woman live longer
    2. Better communication skills than men
    3. More clothes to pick from
    4. Don't really have to worry about going bald
    5. More likely to graduate college by 22
    6. Car insurance is cheaper
    7. Women aren't expected to pay on dates
    8. We get doors held open for us
    9. Usually get a lot of free stuff
    10. Higher pain tolerance
    11. Have the choice of being a stay at home mom without being judged
    12. Women can wear both male and female clothing and still look good
    13. Can express our emotions without being judged
    14. Don't have the pressure of asking someone to marry us
    15. Divorces usually go in our favor