Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Be A Man"

Crew and Theroux both have compelling arguments about what it means to be a man, and the definition of manhood itself. However, I think Theroux was more aggressive in his writing about what he feels about the subject of manhood. Crew went into the video with more of an open approach and I felt more interested in what he had to say and found myself agreeing with him. Theroux just kind of jabbed at stereotypes and how people look at masculinity. Manhood is a very sensitive subject to men, and Theroux makes it almost sound silly in his article. Comparing motherhood to manhood, talking about standards, reasons why boys relate manhood to cowboys is just silly. Crew took the subject with much more grace and I think what he had to say was also more impactful. The larger picture that they were both aiming at holds a common ground, because I do think they both feel something should be adjusted or said to make things clearer, but the approaches were different and the outcome of each of their speeches had different results.

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  1. I completely agree, I believe the more open approach Crews' had in his interview will make his viewpoints more readily accepted due to the fact that he didn't seem to be attacking American males for their viewpoints. He seemed to be calling for reform rather than pointing fingers, and in the grand scheme of life that is how change is brought about, finger pointing will only create arguments. Theroux states that he has never felt comfortable as a man in the beginning of his article which in turn could turn off some male readers simply due to this statement. "Men" it seems, the true target audience, the ones who have bought into the masculine lifestyle don't wish to hear that they need change from a weak man, they are more willing to accept the reform if it comes from a man whom they feel credible, Terry Crews, the Old Spice Football Playing Actor Author fits this description perfectly due to how he incorporates some of the most masculine and new-age masculine all in one individual. Theroux isn't to be thrown out though because his softer personality and opinions will appeal to the more readily acceptable men of this change and they are just as important in our society as the "manly-men"