Thursday, January 29, 2015

what does it take to be a man

Both of the writers/speakers have the same underlying conversation going on. They are both discussing what it is to be considered a man in out modern culture. Years ago men were made to be stoic strong figures that were as a rock, unshakable, unmovable. The idea went back to cavemen you had to be these qualities to survive but now we dont have to be that way. And we as a society are having trouble realizing that the idea of a man is changing. Men nowadays want to be fathers they want to share. Men have always been this way but now they want to be able to not have to hide it. Men want to be themselves not some preset idea that society has dreamed up over time. Both author's  speak on this Theroux speaks on how the idea of what it is to be a man dosent work. Women want to and should be treated as equals but this idea of manliness isnt compatible with it. The ide of manliness rules that man is in charge his woman follows, for young men that means having multiple women all the time. In either situation a woman has to be conquered and under his thumb. But this concept of being a man is no longer considered right in out culture and both authors agree on this. They each speak on different aspects of it. They are trying to speak to all the men who read or watch what they have to try and change the current mindset of manliness.

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  1. In the writing above it is stated that the idea of how a man should act relates back to the caveman and that women should be taken control of by the man. Terry Crews talks about being a man and says that a man should take care of his own and see women equally. Crews says that feminism scares him because a lot of woman view feminism as being better than men but in reality it is woman's equality. Crews also says that he does not believe in gender roles, he believes in gender purposes, which means that no matter which gender/sex you are, if something needs to be taken care of, do it. His definition of being a man is how everyone should see it.
    In his writing, Theroux talks about writers who are men and how being a writer is not a manly profession, he said he kept his love for writing a secret because a lot of people viewed it as feminine. He says that sports, to him, were a waste of time.
    Both Crews and Therouxs "So What" are different. They have different views of what being a man is.