Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who Are We? MEN! What Do We Want? TO BE MANLY!

You could definitely say that Crews and Theroux are apart of the same conversation. Both men are discussing the issue that men are held to this stupid standard of “being a man”. Terry Crews is responding to the problem of men’s gender roles. Crews goes on about how men are constantly being held to this gender standard of “manliness” and “manhood”. Crews touches on how a lot of men think they are more valuable than women because that’s just the way society has been forever. Men have to be strong providers, manly, protective, and brave. Or so society is making us believe. These kinds of gender roles are what make women think we are inferior. Crews says that everyone is valuable in themselves; so the moment we all accept ourselves as valuable equals is the moment that gender roles won’t be such a dilemma.
Paul Theroux very negatively responds to men and how they are wrongly being taught how to grow up into manly men who drink beer, and watch football. Theroux also touches on how women are brought up in the same sense: Being told to ask “Do you like my dress?” and to be “ladylike”. Even today, in 2015, we are dealing with (not as intensely) the same gender roles we dealt with hundreds of years ago. Theroux say “I found it impossible to admit to myself that I wanted to be a writer. It was my guilty secret, because being a writer was incompatible with being a man”. Why do men have to feel like this? Why is this SO wrong? Because its been a standard for men to do “manly” jobs and hobbies. I think it’s about time gender roles don’t play such a dense part in society.

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  1. Both Crews and Theroux talk about similar things, such as men now a days in this society are taking manhood to a different perspective. Theroux's article was more of how feminism scares him because he believes women are better than women. He believes men are being raised wrong and seeing manhood in whole other perspective. He thinks men are being raised to the point where they have to be tough or else they will be seen as weak. And Crews believes there should be gender equality in the world, the women should do her part and the men should do theirs but also help each other.He does not believe in gender roles, he is more of a person who believes in helping out the person, instead of having roles in life according to your gender. What they have in common is that they both talk about how now a days in this society manhood is seen differently. They both believe men are being forced to look, do certain things in this world in order to fit in.